Lower Spreads

We strive to keep our spreads as narrow as possible at 0.1 pips in all market conditions. We do this by acquiring optimal prices from our reliable liquidity providers. We have also invested heavily in technology so that our prices reflect the current global forex market levels. But that’s not all. We are constantly finetuning our back-end services to offer the best conditions to traders.

Faster Execution

We understand better than anyone else, how important speed is in forex trading, especially to day traders. Our order matching engine located in the EC2 AWS data centre, processes over 500,000 trades per day with average execution speed of under 40ms. It’s the only platform that executes trades fast enough to complement your trading skills perfectly.

Best trading tools

We offer some of the best tools in the industry such as Metatrader, trade journal, calculators for currency pip, volatility, margin and profit, currency converter, time zone converter & economic calendar. We do our best to maximize your chance of success.

Make your own Opportunities.

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Market analysis

To play in the market you have to know the market. With that philosophy in mind, we have collaborated with some of the best economists and market analysts in the industry to provide daily and weekly update on the market situation. Take advantage of our free reports to make the best and most profitable trading decisions.

Customer support

If our trading platform is the backbone of our operation, our support team is the muscle that carries the weight of our clients’ concerns. Available through live chat, we are open for consultation 24/5 to address your issues timely so you can trade smoothly.

Expert training

We do not believe in providing our clients a robust trading platform without providing the skills and knowledge that they need to trade successfully. We welcome traders of all levels of experience to access a large library of online tutorials and webinars conducted by experts in the field. We also offer demo accounts to beginners who wish to try their hand at forex trading before going all in.

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