Dearest Friends,

Today we live in rapidly changing & disruptive times. People will tell you that companies like Uber killed the taxi industry but that’s not true. What killed the taxi industry was limited accessibility & poor fare control. Companies like Uber were just there at the right time, right place, and for the right reasons. 


If you look at the financial world today, what do you see? You see a storm of change coming, an inevitable change. First it was Fintech, and soon after we started hearing about this mysterious new technology called the Blockchain. Since 2009, the world began to see the power of Digital Currencies. Bitcoin is an example of how in just the span of 10 years, an entirely new way to financially gain, transact, & manage money went from just an idea on a white-paper to a global reality. 


FX1 Markets was born with this same type of innovative vision. A vision where two giant industries, namely Forex & Cryptocurrency come together to provide a truly revolutionary opportunity to the citizens of the world. 


As a combinatory trading platform, FX1 Markets stands out from the rest by doing three things: 


  • Each & everyone of our clients enjoys an unparalleled 3-level safety infrastructure in terms of their funds.

  • They all have access to our State-of-the-art technology that provisions network connectivity that’s fast & stable in terms of their experience on our platform.

  • Everyone in our platform has full access to a suite of industry-expert backed training & insights. FX1 Markets supports each and everyone of its traders through consistent growth in terms of skill & competency through our extensive webinars plus a robust backend! 


Welcome to a new era in trading.

Let’s grow together. 

Welcome to FX1 Markets. 

Wishing you the best always,


Dr. A.J Minai

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